Foster Application Process

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog from Beau’s Wish dog rescue! A foster home is a temporary home for a dog until a permanent home can be found. Fostering a dog is one of the most important jobs in animal rescue!

To be considered as a foster home for our organization, you must:

  • Live in middle Tennessee
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have all dogs in the home spayed or neutered if they are 6 months or older unless there are medical reasons for not doing so
  • Have all pets in the home up to date on vaccinations
  • Have consent from your landlord if you rent
  • Agree to have a home visit done by one of our volunteers. The volunteer will need to see the areas of the home where the dog will be allowed and also visit with family members and current pets

As a Beau’s Wish foster home, you will be responsible for the temporary care and feeding of any foster dogs in your home. You can choose how many dogs you can foster at one time and the level of care you’re able to provide. Dogs with moderate to severe anxiety will require more training expertise but not all dogs in the program require intensive training. You will be responsible for providing food (in most cases) and transportation to/from the vet for appointments. Typically, each dog stays in a foster home between several weeks and several months. However, Beau’s Wish cannot guarantee that any dog will be adopted within a specific time period. Some dogs stay longer than a few months, and we advise that you take this into consideration when deciding if you would like to participate in our foster program.

Foster home responsibilities:

  • Be willing and able to host a dog for weeks or months, possibly longer
  • Provide food for foster dogs (unless a specialized diet is required for medical reasons)
  • Provide transportation to and from veterinary appointments and adoption events
  • Evaluate dog’s personality and provide recommendations for ideal permanent home environment
  • Provide information regarding personality, needs, etc. (information is used for advertising and to screen for the best adoption opportunity)
  • Communicate regularly with the adoption coordinator regarding any changes to animal health, behavioral issues, etc.
  • Provide a clean/quiet space in which potential adopters can meet a foster dog
  • For foster trainers – implement training techniques to help the dog overcome any anxiety issues, fears, phobias or PTSD to a point where the dog can be adopted
  • Make yourself available for potential adopters to meet the dog (adoption coordinator will work with you to agree on a convenient time for foster families and adopters)
  • Allow potential adopters to visit your house when meeting the foster dog (all adopters are pre-screened and interviewed first)

Beau’s Wish responsibilities:

  • Match foster volunteer with appropriate level of care required for the dog
  • Provide training for the foster volunteer whenever necessary
  • Pay for all vet care and medications
  • Screen and interview all potential adopters before inviting them to a foster home
  • Provide all advertising
  • Provide assistance with writing foster dog biographies and taking pictures/videos if needed

We’re only limited in how many dogs we can help by the number of foster homes we have. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save!

To continue with the foster home application process CLICK HERE to complete our online application.