Angela Kitchin

Angela is a high school English and History teacher in North Carolina.  She lives a cozy life with her husband and their three lovable Toy Poodles, Revi (2), Looey (7), and Bimmie (9).  When not at school teaching students about reading, writing, economics, and the government, Angela is at home playing fetch, reading, writing, drawing, or playing video games.  (Most of this time is spent playing fetch with the ball/fetch crazed Revi.)  Angela and her husband enjoy traveling to the mountains in Western Carolina, and they hope to one day move to a quiet cabin there.


Candice Littleton

Candice is a freelance writer and dog-enthusiast currently living in North Carolina. She studied Rhetorical Criticism and Communication at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX where she crafted her love for live music and Tex-Mex. A Texan, born and raised, Candice has checked many other beautiful regions of the world off her Must-See List, including: Seattle, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. When she isn’t writing, reading, cuddling with her dog, Dexter, or re-watching The Office for the 90th time, she’s road-tripping and camping across the country with her husband, a like-minded nature-enthusiast.


Nicole George

Nicole is a Human Resources professional with a love for travel, writing, and painting. She lives in Nashville, TN with her boyfriend (Matt), Cats (Zoe – age 5, and Eloise – age 2.5), and Dog (Hugo – age 2). Originally from Minnesota, she loves to travel home as often as possible to see family and friends, and spend as much time as possible on the lake!


Alejandro Aceves

Between being a student at Lincoln High School, a translator for, and helping run the public library, Alejandro is excited to be a part of Beau’s Wish team as a blogger. He currently lives in California with his parents, his older brother, his twin brother, plus a three year old purebred boxer named Kali. He is still not sure what he wants to dedicate his life to, but knows he wants to be something “animal related” whether it’s a wildlife rehabilitator or a veterinarian.

Liz Hernandez

Liz is a non-profit fundraising professional by day, dog lover and animal rescue volunteer by night.  She lives in Dallas, Texas with her two rescue dogs, Toby and Illy (pronounced Ee-Lee). In her spare time, you can find Liz doing yoga, enjoying a glass of wine, or trying out a new organic dog treat recipe for her two pups. Although her love for animals began at a very early age (as it does for most young children), in her later years that love developed into a genuine appreciation for the unyielding loyal companionship that dogs share with humans.


Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee is 26 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida where she was born and raised. Currently, she is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment in hopes of creating films and television shows. She currently lives with her five-year-old Blue Tick Hound named Cookie. In her spare time she writes blogs about her expanding garden, works on her film projects and takes Cookie exploring in the neighborhood. One of her major goals one day, is to be a part of the late actor Paul Walker’s “Reach Out Worldwide” organization.

Janet Murawski

Janet lives in Illinois with her husband and 3 dogs, ages 11, 8 and 2. She enjoys reading, being in the outdoors, hiking, kayaking and amateur bird watching. When she’s in the woods, near a lake, listening to a loon or two, it’s all pure bliss to her!

Dana Reinert

Dana is a creative professional and design strategist living in Seattle, WA with her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Dignan. She loves hiking, yoga, photography and reading, and is always up for an adventure at the drop of a hat! The summer of 2015, she spent two weeks road-tripping across the country with her 9 year old spaniel, Sadie, visiting national forests and plenty of camping spots. She’s excited to join the Beau’s Wish team as a volunteer social media contributor.

Kim B.

Kim is a lifelong dog enthusiast. She grew up in Queens, NY, where her family made a habit of rescuing dogs and cats. Despite being an only child, Kim never felt like one. She thought of her dogs as her siblings.

Kim has been a dog walking volunteer for the Peaceable Kingdom, a nonprofit, no-kill shelter in Allentown, PA.  She also rescued Lexi, her collie-shepherd mix, from the Sanctuary at Haafsville in Breinigsville, PA.

Most of her professional work has been behind the scenes in radio and television production. She has also worked as an administrative and purchasing assistant. Although she continues to battle severe, debilitating back pain and numerous treatments for it, she continues to follow the writer’s path in her heart. She writes as an avocation more than as a vocation. She is excited to combine two lifelong passions with writing in order to help beautiful animals in need.